2017   Looking Inside A Supercell Thunderstorm 2016  Rare Shot Of Lightning Under A Full Moon 2017  I Just Captured Lightning! 2016  A Little Too Close!
2017   A Massive Supercell Thunderstorm Approaching Our Home - Arizona 2015  Midday Lightning 2017   A Massive Supercell Thunderstorm Rolling Over Cottonwood, Arizona 2015  Neighborhood Lightning Storm - Arizona
2016  The Photographer Points To A Nasty Storm Approaching 2015  Wicked Lightning Strike From An Approaching Storm - Arizona 2016  Backyard Lightning Storm In Cottonwood, Arizona 2016  The Monsoon Season Has Arrived - Arizona
2017  Inside A Supercell Being Illuminated By Continuous Lightning Strikes - Arizona 2017   A Massive Supercell Thunderstorm Sits Directly Over Our Home - Arizona 2018  Lightning Out The Back Door 2017   A Nasty Thunderstorm Approaches From The North
2017  Not A Good Time For A Swim! 2018  Late Afternoon Storm - Arizona 2018  The Old Wagon Wheel 2017   Lightning Strikes Just Outside The Edge Of An Approaching Supercell
2018 Monsoon Season Has Arrived 2018  Desert Lightning 2017   Lightning Striking Outside A Supercell Thunderstorm 2018   Pool Reflection - Cottonwood, AZ
2017  Spider Lightning 2018   Back Porch Storm 2018  Arizona Lightning Display 2018  Monsoon Rains and Lightning - Arizona
2018  Distant Lightning - Arizona 2018  Double Strike!  Arizona