2014  Calling All Cows!  Bugling Jackson Hole, WY The Warrior 1980  Whitetail Buck - Vidalia, Georgia 2016   Crashing Through A Snow Drift - Grand Teton National Park
1992  Mud Bath - Georgia 2017   Non-Typical Mule Deer Loosing His Velvet near Jackson Hole, WY Split Horns 1993  Koala In The Wild - Outback Of Australia
1993  Salt Water Crocodile - Australia The Eyes 2014  Majestic Bull - Wyoming 1993  The Fight - Two Large Boars Jockey For Position - Georgia
The Big Boy's Club 2001   South Island, New Zealand 2006   The Lion Meal Time
2013   An Arizona Woodchuck (groundhog) Snowy Horns On A Mature Bull Elk 1992  Don't Even Think About It!  Wild Boars Face Off - Georgia The Wise One!
2013  Javelina - Arizona 2013  The Tiger 2014   Black Bear In Grand Teton National Park 2014   Bugling Bull near Jackson Hole, WY
2014  Courtship Of Antelope - Jackson Hole 2014   Cold Morning!  Grand Teton National Park 2014   Grand Teton National Park 2016  Buffalo struggle through deep snow inside Grand Teton National Park
2014   Mature Bull Elk In The Rut 2014   River Crossing - Jackson Hole, WY 2014  In the Rut!  Grand Teton Park Up Close
2014  Marking His Territory - Wyoming 2016  A Snowy Morning In The Wilderness 2014  Run Forrest Run!  Jackson Hole, WY 2014  Taking A Midday Nap - Near Kelly, Wyoming
2014  Wyoming BigHorn Ram 2016   Cold Morning In Grand Teton National Park 1990 Eurasian Wild Piglets - Georgia 2016   Hunting - A Red Fox in Grand Teton National Park
2016   The Head Butt 2016  A Lonely Bull Moose In Grand Teton Park 2016  A Mature Adult Bighorn Ram 2016  Coyote Lookout - High In The Rocks Of The National Elk Refuge, Wyoming
2016  Digging For Food 2016  I Have Been Spotted By A Nice Arizona Mule Deer. 2016  Knee Deep Snow 2016  Let's Settle This Like Rams
2016  Wild bison are shown plowing their way through deep snow - Grand Teton National Park 2016  Mule Deer - Northern Arizona 2016  Red Fox - Jackson Hole, WY 2016  Rocky Mountain Goat - Near Alpine, Wyoming
2017   A Bloody Mess! 2016  Snow Face! Grand Teton Park 2017   Bull Moose 2017   A new born calf is quickly introduced to winter during a late season snowstorm.
Heavy Snow 2017   Almost Got The Velvet Off! Coming Down! 2014  Rear View!  Grand Teton National Park
Old Male - Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram 2017  A coyote scans for prey - Kelly, Wyoming 2017  A Grizzly Swims The Famous Oxbow Bend In Search Of Food - Near Kelly, Wyoming
Lookouts 2017  A very nice non-typical mule deer inside Grand Teton National Park 2017  Snow Face - Wyoming 2017  Javelina near Tucson, AZ
Frosty Mouth 2017  Looking For A Mate! 2018   The Yawning Coyote - Arizona Boys Club - Wyoming
Family Outing Hold On! In A Hurry! Searching For Food
2017   Bull Moose near Jackson Hole, WY Lonely Walk In A Bizzard Morning Hunt Shattered Horns
Snow Faces Up High